Robin van Beek (NL)

Robin van Beek (41) studied economics and organizational sciences at Tilburg University in the Netherlands. During these years he performed as a drummer for Guus Meeuwis & Vagant, one of Holland's best know bands in the nineties. After graduating university in 2004 he started working for EMI Music Netherlands as a product manager for the local artist roster. In fall 2006, together with Tony van de Berkt he started independent Dutch pop label 8ball Music, and was closely involved in the creation of the sublabels Dino Music (folk music) and Powerhouse Records (dance music) for 8ball Music. Robin stayed with the company for almost 10 years. In spring of 2016, Robin started his own business: 'Beek Consultants', with several clients in the international and Dutch entertainment industries. These activities lead up to two new ventures: Early 2017, together with 2 partners, Interstellar Label - a pop dance orientated record and publishing company- was founded by him, and for which he currently acts as a business and legal consultant. And more recently, in September 2017, Robin and his longtime friend Guus Meeuwis decided to team up again, resulting in Robin van Beek now exclusively heading Modestus Records & Concepts.
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