Robert Velthuysen (NL)

Robert Velthuysen aka Gen Dizzy started his musical career as a dancer for the Dutch dance act "Party Animals" in 1996. After a short period this grew into writing lyrics for songs and the Party Animals live show. During this period Gen Dizzy was also busy as underground "DJ Amethyst" and "Mc Knuckles" in the Dutch hardcore techno scene in the late nineties. By the year 2000, Gen Dizzy withdrew from the music scene altogether and started researching ancient civilizations, mystery schools and the "hidden" history of music, especially in pre-Christian times. His research led him to the controversial 432Hz tuning and this resulted in an even deeper research period. During this time Gen Dizzy started working together with Peter Taams and together they discovered both ancient secrets and cutting edge modern discoveries which kept adding proof to the 432Hz paradigm, both empirical and mathematical. The last few years Gen Dizzy has been trying to spread the word on these discoveries and as of 2006 has been the only Dutch DJ who guarantees always playing his sets in a tuning of A=432Hz. Gen dizzy has produced many tracks in varying styles which are all available online for free. Lately Gen Dizzy has inspired a few more DJ's to start playing their sets in 432Hz and the results have been mind blowing for both DJ and crowd.
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