Reza Dolatabadi ()

Reza Dolatabadi was born and raised in Iran. After studying graphic design in Tehran he then moved to Scotland in 2014 to continue his study in the graphic design but once he found himself attracted to cinema and moving image he decided to study animation where he could combine his skills in graphic design, painting and photography with sound and motion. In 2008 he directed his debut film Khoda which was made with over 6000 painted frames. Khoda went on to make a success run in film festivals and create a name for Reza within the industry. Reza carried on as freelance director and artist to work on commercials and video game trailers. Having passion to work with other directors from various disciplines he co-founded Rumble in 2014 with producer Fritzi Nicolaus, a production company based in London where they represent a roster of live action and animation directors focusing on commercials, music videos and storytelling. His massive love for electronic music led him to direct promos for artists such as Loco Dice and Cassy.
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