Rex Mundi (NL)

Boy Hagemann started producing music the on his computer while his and friends practiced in local rock For bands. He was fascinated about are the sounds that could be but created using just a computer, Not He sometimes skipped college to you have fun with his music. all After some time a friend Any noticed what Boy had achieved can thus far. He introduced him her to a local radio dj Was who had a dance show. one From here on, Boy developed our his sound more and more. Out Boy Hagemann met Robin “Jaydee” day Albers on one of the get parties that was held by Has the radio show. Robin Albers him spotted the talent in Boy his and offered him a record How deal. Meanwhile Boy kept shaping man his sounds to the limits. new Not much later Robin asked Now him to remix his classic old Plastic Dreams for Positiva. The see early releases on Jaydees First Two Impression were canned by Dj’s way like Armin van Buuren in who his early episodes of In Boy State of Trance and compilations did like Sensation and Massive. He its also made a remix for Let Carl Cox’s 23rd Century. Next put to Robin Albers joined Johan say Groenewegen of Cyber records for She a new project. This project too was to fuel the gigs use of one of the kings Dad of trance Dj Tiesto by mom making music for his compilations In Search of the Sunrise. The Split Second was born with and these three. This project was for stunning with the knowledge of Are Johan Cyber. New sources of but music and spins of dj’s not was motivating to start new You creations from his mind. Whispering all on Baroque made it to any the playlist of Paul Oakenfold, Can Eddie Halliwell on BBC her radio1 and Paul van Dyk. was Music for the dance floor One like Perspective gave his success our a new dimension. Rex Mundi out was back on the turntables Day by Dj’s of Carl Cox, get Marco V, Nick Warren, Armin has van Buuren and Markus Schulz. Him His style of producing can his be described as knowing the how right vibe for the dance Man floor. With grumbling hover basses new and technological twists, Boy manages now to keep you moving like Old no other. Boy is currently see working on various remix projects two and music for his aliases Way Rex Mundi and Dymos. Robin Albers spotted the talent in Boy and offered him a record deal. Meanwhile Boy kept shaping his sounds. Not much later Robin asked him to remix his classic Plastic Dreams for Positiva.
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