Resistance Orchestra (NL)

For those on the look out for the latest results of Amsterdam's creative spawns, the name must not be unfamiliar. For quite a while, slowly but steady, The Resistance Orchestra made his way on to the billing of a divers variety of parties and events. But for those new to the name, lets us briefly inform you.. "Disco is dead" might have been a popular catch phrase at the end of the 80's / early 90's, but it couldn't be further from the truth. The genre had been cultivated and nurtured by a variety of lovers for the groove. As a great source for sampling, the disco sounds of the late 70's had been collected and categorized by the new generations. It might have been so influential in the sampling that you might can call the sound the lubricant for the love making which brought us hip-hop and house as its off-spring. One of those new generation, but old school loving, dj/producers is The Resistance Orchestra. Maybe to most best known for his house work under the moniker Times are Ruff, and his collaboration with Pete Bandit. As a vinyl loving dj at heart, with a feel for timing like a swiss clockwork, he started to collected several hard to find disco records with the intention of sampling it for the house work. But, as many can testify, the disco groove is too addictive to take just his instrumental in-fills, groovy bass lines and playful percussion and slap them to a house beat. A incredible urge to play the purchased records live came and never left. Resistance was not a option, but the Resistance Orchestra was born. A typical Resistance Orchestra set contains, well, disco and disco infused grooves. Not shivering away from experimenting with Afro-beat, hip-hop, soul and maybe even your early house and techno; its the variety, energy and genuine love for the continuing groove that makes his sound unique in this modern age. In his own sparse words: "diversity is key". We only can testify; It is, oh yes it is..
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