Renvo (NL)

In May 1988 a boy called Joey Janssen was born in Arnhem, The Netherlands. From the first moment he could put a step on earth he loved to dance on dance music. He just couldn’t sit still when he heard a beat as his mother always said. At the age of 12 Joey discovered the beats of Tiesto and Rank 1. He loved this music and it became his obsession. When he was 14 years old his father bought an Apple computer with the Garageband program on it. Every day Joey was busy with making music. But then he discovered that the music was played by DJ’s with vinyl. When he became 16 years old he got his first turntables as a present and bought a mixer. He ordered some vinyl and started to learn DJ-ing. A good friend of him learned him a lot, he lived in the same street as Joey. Joey had some gigs in his hometown and played on the Red Bull hummer in a crowded city together with a friend. After a few gigs he know that he needed to create some own music. Nowadays Joey is creating his own music every day under his artist name: Renvo. He also did a project as Intersonic with many releases on High Contrast Recordings in 2010, but he decided to go solo in 2011. In 2011 he entered the Seat Next DJ competition by Armin van Buuren. After playing on A State Of Trance 500 in Den Bosch and several other events Renvo reached the final round of the competition. Renvo produced and released the track “Breakout” together W&W, which had airplay on the Dutch radio station Radio 538, created a videoclip and played in Club Space in Ibiza. At the final battle in Amsterdam Armin van Buuren himself crowned Renvo as winner of Seat Next DJ 2011. After the competition he played at the A State Of Trance stage on Electronic Family, Club Matrixx 10 Years Anniversary with Armin van Buuren and a lot of more events to come. This is just the start of what we can expect from Renvo.
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