Relativ (NL)

The past five years Luiz and Tim (Relativ) have made their mark in the Dutch electronic music scene. Started as the duo Buurman & Buurman the two have evolved their sound dj-wise as well as production-wise and figured the next step in their career was evident. They regularly played at clubs like Basis (Utrecht) and Chicago Social Club (Amsterdam) when they started dj-ing, while Luiz and Tim were already producing their own tracks too. Their first release ‘1970’, which came out in May 2014 on Armada Music, was an instant Soundcloud hit. Having played at festivals such as Lakedance, Wish Outdoor, Dance Valley, Verknipt Festival and with a gig at Straf_Werk Festival 2017 on the way, the duo is well on their way. As for productions, the end of August 2017 sees another release by the duo, this time on Max Chapman’s label Resonance where a track will be released on a compilation of the label. With another great summer in prospect, Relativ continues to push the envelope with every gig they play.
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