Reji (HK)


Enter the world of DJ Reji, a music enthusiast originally hailing from Hong Kong and now finding a musical home in the charming city of Edinburgh, Scotland. Drawn to the magnetic allure of hip-hop and EDM, Reji has delicately woven these genres together to craft a sound that's both down-to-earth and captivating. Reji's journey has been guided by an earnest love for playing music that resonates on a personal level.

With an intuitive ability to connect with the audience and curate immersive musical journeys, Reji's sets guide listeners through the rhythmic landscapes of hip-hop to the pulsating heart of EDM. While accolades might not adorn their path, the true achievement for Reji is measured by the smiles exchanged on the dancefloor and the shared moments of musical unity.

Remaining rooted in a genuine passion for music, DJ Reji aspires to continue humbly sharing their musical exploration, touching hearts through the universal language of sound.

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