Rebolledo (MX)

Rebolledo, who was born and raised in Xalapa, Mexico, started Djing in 2002 and became quickly one of the residents of the legendary "Santanera", in Playa Del Carmen, at the mexican caribbean. There he developed his very own style of playing, mixing old and new odd dancetracks, driven by a persistent groove of disco. Feeling the necessity of links between tracks he used to play in the club, he started developing his own rough and edgy rhythms. Matias Aguayo, whom he had played with several times at his night in the "Santanera" got interested in his material, helped him to develop it and to share it with people, who had a similar taste or motivation... later Rebolledo should become fundamental member of the label "Cómeme" , as a result of these friendships and efforts... After having debuted on "Cómeme" with his underground club hit "pitaya frenesi", he now has released his first solo 12" - "GUERRERO", also on comeme, and we should not forget his project appearance as "PACHANGA BOYS" together with Superpitcher, on the KOMPAKT TOTAL 10 compilation...
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