Reauxell (NL)


Amsterdam based dj REAUXELL has been breathing music since the first day of his life. As a passionate music lover for many genres, he has a strong preference for electronic music.

As a young boy he grew up in Amsterdam and always wanted to show the latest music to his friends. With his cassette tapes as his tools, he was ready to operate the REC and PLAY buttons, so he could record the so-called "Import" music via the local Amsterdam radio stations.

In addition to playing his favorite music, REAUXELL was also one of the Hosts/resident DJ at Radio show Triple R Collective at AMW.FM, and he also successfully launched the KOLOSSEUM Festival in 2019 together with his co-founders.

As a DJ you can describe REAUXELL as an enthusiast. You can call REAUXELL's style a mix of many. He often plays rhythmic driven Techno with influences from Afro, Deep Tech, Minimal and House.

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