Rather Real (NL)

After a whole lot of shows and festivals, Rather Real and MC Discipline made it into the finals of the Dutch ‘Grote Prijs van Nederland’ in 2012 and won the publics’ prize. At this point it became clear to Rather Real that with his passion for music he truely had potential to really reach out to people. When he picked up DJ’ing, recaptured his interest for modern Hip Hop and teamed up with London MC Stretch and DJ J Flava he got introduced to the “uptempo side” of the music he loved so much ((Neo-) Soul, Hip Hop and (Future-)R&B) such as UK Garage/2-Step, Grime, UK Bass and many other different styles that went on to complete the puzzle that defines his own warm and soulful take on music in both his productions as his DJ sets these days. Next to the music itself, Rather Real strives to stay busy and building at all times which (so far) has lead to the formation of Future Vintage Music Movement itself and the start up of the now monthy sold out “Chocolade” party in Nijmegen.
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