Raoul Koning ()

Raoul Koning is a coördinator for the peer-to-peer drug education organisation Unity and for the drug testing service in Amsterdam. He has been active in these fields since 2011. He studied clinical neuropsychology in Groningen and subsequently moved to Amsterdam to enjoy and work in the nightlife. He started working for Unity as a coach and for the drug testing service in Amsterdam. With this experience he proceeded to work for the Drug Information Monitoring Service, the coordinating office for the Dutch testing service, where he worked for 4 years. He is passionate about harm reduction in nightlife and active on several online platforms to promote safer drug use. Allergic to misinformation, he finds that even though there is so much information is online, there is still a need for good sources of information and people to spread that information. Drug testing is a very important and good source for information that people can use to reduce drug related harm.
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