Randall Jones (US)

He has a reputation for making and playing music that defies all boundaries, while making the hips move and the dancefloor rock. Randall cut his teeth, as a teen, DJing at afterhours clubs in the sprawling metropolis of Houston, USA. To expand his horizons, Randall moved to the city of Philadelphia, to continue his study of the art and to attend college there at an Ivy League institution. For 10 years Randall made Philly his home base, DJing at massive super clubs up and down the eastern seaboard of the United States. He held residencies at Vinyl (NYC), Shampoo (Philly) and Stereo (Montreal) as well as playing headlining and support sets at various other world famous venues such as Twilo (NYC), The Tunnel (NYC), The Palladium (NYC) and many other legendary nightclubs. In 1997, Randall turned his talents to production and with the help of his mentors, King Britt and Josh Wink he got an internship at one of the best recording studios in Philadelphia. As he refined his sound, Randall's solo work, as well as his work with the production group, Tigerhook, began to be recognized worldwide. Original productions were signed to some of the best independent dance labels in the world and DJs such as Richie Hawtin, John Digweed, Laurent Garnier, Sasha, Mr. C, and many others regularly included his productions in their DJ sets. Fast forward 10 years later and Randall is now touring the world as a headlining DJ, playing clubs from Buenos Aires to Dubai, Barcelona to Honolulu, Mexico City to Montreal and all over the world. His remixes grace top labels like Get Physical, Audio Therapy and Waveform while his originals drop on labels across the board from indies like Bedrock and RiffRaff to major distributors like Warner Music Group. Randall Jones is a rarity in the dance music industry today. He is a DJ that has not achieved his status through marketing ploys, PR agents and DJ lists, but rather through years of hard work and touring worldwide. Randall Jones is a DJ that caters not to the whims of fashion and the industry...but to the people and to the dancefloor. Be sure to catch his DJ set in a city near you and the music will speak for itself.
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