Radiosus (NL)

Growing up with electronic music, Radiosus learned a three deck mixing technique in his teens. He practiced with 90’s loop-techno from countries like Slovenia, Sweden and Italy. When he had mastered his mixing techniques, there was a shift in techno music. This was of course the emergence of minimal. It took some time before Radiosus got a feeling with this sound, because the lack of energy was so different from the techno he grew up with. But it did not take long for minimal to merge with tech house and evolve to the more energetic techno played today, a style in which Radiosus is far more at home. Radiosus started mixing when his older brother, LoPoll, bought decks. When Radiosus learned how to play with the music as a dj, techno gained a new dimension for him. He started listening with a new ear, and his own style changed along, growing more refined. The music he liked had also changed; tracks had grown longer and their structures more complicated. So mixing with three decks proved more difficult than with traditional loop-techno. When his big friend Mind01 bought decks as well, they practiced a radical new mixing style in Mind01’s old garden shed until sunrise. Their new mixing style and the technological advance in DJ equipment offered the possibility for a new approach to playing techno.
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