Quirijn Smits (NL)

Speaker (Label Manager / A&R, STMPD RCRDS)
Producing, performing, selling merchandise and touring the world, from working at a record label to running his own label, Quirijn Smits is an all-round music professional with an expertise in marketing, streaming and new media. Entering the music industry as part of DJ-duo Volt & State, touring the world and wrecking over 30 million streams on Spotify, the Dutchman later moved behind the scenes as marketing manager at electronic music label Armada Music. Since the beginning of this year Quirijn moved on to join Martin Garrix and his team as marketing manager at STMPD Records. With his years of experience both as an artist as well as a from a record label perspective, the Amsterdam-based Quirijn is on top of the latest trends and developments within the electronic music scene when it comes to distribution, streaming, new media and marketing trends.
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