Push ()

Music journalist and grail hunter. He began his career with a lengthy stint at the UK weekly music paper Melody Maker, during which time he was one of the first journalists to write about acid house and the evolving techno scene. He was subsequently the founding editor of Muzik, the seminal dance music title, where he gave artists such as Daft Punk, The Chemical Brothers and Dave Clarke their very first magazine covers. He edited the first 40 issues of Muzik, leaving in 1998 to write several books, including The Book Of E (2001), an authoritative history of ecstasy, and the best-selling Rat Scabies And The Holy Grail (2006), which details his travels with punk rock legend Scabies as they hunt for, yes, the Holy Grail. Push returned to the world of magazines in 2012 and is now the editor of Electronic Sound, the acclaimed electronic music magazine app.
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