Mama Love (DE)


Mama Love will be our wonderful host during the first part of the event, the round table talk. She is the founder of Intertronika.

INTERTRONIKA is a community of professionals in different fields and cultural backgrounds, connected by their passion for music and arts with a base in Hamburg.

Their main activity focuses on creative projects in the social and education fields. Our work is based on intercultural and collaborative practices focused on the creation of safer spaces away from any type of discrimination. Likewise, they focus on the training of creative potential and empower human interactions and exchange knowledge.

The main role of this round table talk is to guide the conversation with impactful questions. Spontaneity is the root. No pressure, no norms.

The main responsibility is to encourage people to get to know the work of both collectives and artists present and make them feel that we can all be part of a movement that aims to create effective and careful environments.


Awareness practices also allow us to dive into a journey into our deepest selves. To be aware means to be able to recognize what is happening inside us and around us.

We invite you to question, to doubt, to be curious.

In an interconnected and globalized world, it’s crucial to recognize and embrace the diversity of realities, perspectives, and backgrounds.

It is required that we appreciate the differences between us to find stability and build healthy relationships around us.

As a proposal, we invite you to a dialogue about the creation of safer spaces in the night scene for cultural exchange and collaboration as awareness practices. This combination becomes a powerful tool for deeper access to our consciousness and helps us to find ways to bring people together despite their differences.

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