Paul Neuteboom

Paul Neuteboom (CN)

Managing Director of BHM. Dutch Paul Neuteboom has been active within the electronic music scene in China for over 7 years. Having organized hundreds of events and festivals in 30+ cities all over China, Paul is widely regarded as one of the most influential organizers in the Chinese scene. In his current role as Managing Director, Paul Neuteboom was at the start of BrotherHood Music (BHM) in 2016. At BHM Paul led the company through the introduction of UK’s CREAMFIELDS Festival in China and managed the festival’s execution in 6 cities in 2017 so far. In addition, Paul is in charge of the development of BHM’s Event Concepts, Talent management, Digital Strategy, Commercial Partnerships and Investment Strategies. Paul previously held the position of Director of Electronic Music & Talent for Modern Sky Entertainment Beijing, where Paul initiated the introduction of MYTH Electronic Music Festival in Shanghai and developed strategic partnerships with Abinbev, Philip Morris and Pernod Riccard to name a few.
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