Patrick Moxey (US)

Speaker (Helix Records & Guestlist Records)

The founder of Ultra Music, Ultra Publishing, Payday Records and Helix Records is by all accounts a visionary pioneer who has pushed past barriers to bring hip-hop and electronic dance music into the mainstream heart of America where it squarely sits in 2022.

Executive Producer of three GRAMMY Award-winning records, Moxey is now focused primarily on the electronic dance and hip hop music scenes. Ultra Publishing songwriters have been nominated for hundreds of grammy awards with many contributions to grammy award winning projects across hip-hop, dance, pop, reggae, jazz and other genres.

Today, Patrick is president of Ultra Music Publishing, Payday Records and Helix records which hold offices in New York, Los Angeles and London, with over 45 employees and affiliated operations in Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Asia, and Australia.

However, his labels started out small and were always (and remain) a personal obsession of one man who loved dance and hip hop music before it was considered “cool” in cities and the suburbs alike. And he’s not done yet - Patrick has recently launched two new labels, Helix Records, focused primarily on electronic dance music, and Guestlist Records, focusing on pop and bedroom pop music.

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