Patrick Hofmann (DE)

Patrick Hofmann is an integral part of the German party culture. With more than 16 years of DJ experience, his enthusiasm for electronic dance & clubmusic shines through in every set and at every party. As a performance artist, he cultivates his sound to fit a particular audience on a given night. The experienced Patrick Hofmann had international gigs in Ministry of Sound/London, Prater Dome/Vienna, Mallorca/Spain and he plays every year in Pacha Ischgl/Austria. Beside national Bookings in Thueringia, Brandenburg, Berlin, Frankfurt a.M. there's hardly a club in Saxony in which he has not work as a DJ. For years in close cooperation with his Event & Booking Agency "Vegastar", he has become well-known in the party scene of East Germany for his events. He is involved decisively with his eventlabel Vegastar in the party development in Saxony as an organizer. Since 2010 Patrick Hofmann produce his own tracks and remixes. For his DJ-Project Hot Bananas he published releases like "Reach Out For The Sun", "Get Started!", "Dog Catcher" feat.Corey Andrew, "Lonely Little Dancer" feat.Rachele Dione, "Sex On The Beach" feat.Levina (Miss Terry Blue/London) and "Einmal um die Welt" feat.Rap aus Granit & Ren da Gemini. Especially the Hot Bananas remixes & coproductios for Sidney King, Soundplayerzz, Louis Garcia, Andy LaToggo, Togafunk and Philbeat are in great demand. From 2011 till 2012 he made remixes for Markus Amenaza (Threat), Jake Dile (Vienna Calling 2011), Marcapasos (One Day) and produced together with his studio workmade Jake Dile remixes for ThreeNOne (Reflect 2011) and Sharam Jey (Out Of Love). In November 2012 was his first solo single on 120dB Records (www.120db.org) released: Patrick Hofmann feat.MAXC - V.I.P. (DDC #5) Charles Salter aka MAXC is one of the most sensational and successful voices in house music (Sending My Love, I Found U). In 2013 Patrick Hofmann made remixes for Markus Amenaza "Alert", Sigma Impact "Overdrive", Tiger & Dragon "Relevation", Hochanstaendig & Cris Cosmo "Herzschlag" (Remix EP), Soundplayerzz "No Limit", Jay Frog "Break Free" (Tiger) and Tori Kay "The Music Play"! Together with Ronski Speed and TmgK the single "Try" was published on Tokabeatz. The talented singer "Levina" (Voice of "Miss Terry Blue / London), produced with him also a new house bomb: "Patrick Hofmann feat.Levina - Fly" was published in January 2014 on 120dB Records! At the same time Patrick Hofmann and Jason Amador released their new single "Get Started" on Tokabeatz. More productions in 2014: Patrick Hofmann feat.Jason Caesar - "We Live Loud" (120dB Records)inkl.Niels van Gogh Remix; Patrick Hofmann - "WAW" (Bang It!, Housesession), Patrick Hofmann - "Pullup" (Bang It!), Patrick Hofmann - Reviver.
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