Patricia van Straten (NL)


As a little girl, Patricia joined the police. No doubt. Driven to convey value, truth and justice to her fellow man. Behavior and responsibility, projection, powerlessness, pain, victimhood. She thought something of that. Especially that it could be better.
From the age of 9 she was riding horses and joined the mounted police.
Everything was right, she even wanted to join the 'green berets'. Rambo… big fan. Until she was 17, when her trainer saw her as the next Lucia Rijker. "I'll turn you into an animal." he said to Patricia. But she turned out not to be as disciplined as she thought.

Missing a healthy masculine energy is what she thought about that.

Once into House musci, the police desire faded.
Patricia had a different blueprint.

Through her social work training and years of support within Welfare, after a long search, she finally became great as a practicing healer in heart and soul 💙

Patricia van Straten, healer and behavioral trainer. Working with and from the body in which everything is stored; emotions, patterns (learned behavior) but also our strength. Everything we need. Don't talk endlessly, just do it. Becoming aware in movement and breaking free from old mechanisms that no longer serve. A reset to authenticity. Our only individuality.
Respond from a place of calm and stand for yourself, instead of flying up or crawling away. Choose what feels good for you. It's possible.
Move freely.

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