Patricia Hermans (NL)


Patricia Hermans is a performance psychologist for musicians. She specializes in high performance coaching. With a practical, positive and realistic approach, she helps musicians from all over the world. From young talents to award winning musicians and international hit-producers.

Her mission is to improve the wellbeing in the music industry. Combining scientific insights in sports psychology and musicology with years of experience working with musicians, she helps performers to become the best version of themselves. Whether it's about talent development, resilience, mindset, boosting creativity, overcoming stage fright, breaking writer's block or dealing with loneliness, deadlines and the high-pressure environment.

Patricia is the founder of Stalen Zenuwen. The music industry is a field in which it is important to perform at your best. The pressure is high. Besides being a good artist, it is essential to perform optimally on critical moments and to stay fit. At Stalen Zenuwen, that is what we focus on: by training the mental side, you can become the best version of yourself, fulfill your ambitions, perform optimally at the most important moments and stay mentally healthy.

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