Patricia Della Bella (DE)

Speaker (Cocoon)

Patricia was born, in Mainz, with German, Italian and Moldovan blood flowing through her veins and no doubt responsible for forming a character that has been on rend since day 1. A whirlwind that from 2005 has traversed Europe hoovering up languages, experiences and much much more. Music had always swirled around Patricias life and it was time to dive in. Influential names and brands. Taste, a vital Della Bella attribute. 2012 and a first spell with Cocoon Music Event GmbH dealing with artist booking but a focus on running digital marketing and merchandise. In Elrow, Barcalona, she Initially became a booking coordinator, social media consultant and finally logistics director. A blooming skillset was enhanced further by a dual master degree in Digital Media Management gained in Berlin. This knowledge leads Patricia to form her own company. In 2017 developing the exciting Studio Väth e.V. project alongside Sven Väth himself and Maurizio Schmitz with other clients including Moon Harbour, Times Artists and Matthias Tanzmann – the focus here on social media event management. Logistics management for the emerging Ilario Alicante and as new artists came a calling an increasing emphasis on logistics and support. With her new portfolio of talents Patricia has returned to Cocoon with a key role managing digital marketing across the company including Cocoon Ibiza, Cocoon Events & Cocoon Recordings.

The dynamic multi faceted multi talented Della Bella only stops once a day for the yoga meditation window. Patricia puts the P into proactive. Patricia adds value. She has serious expertise now in the most crucial areas. Social media management, digital marketing and advertising initiatives. A team member, a team leader. Patricia is an effortless communicator, a people person who can slide into any project and deliver.

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