Paboona (NL)


While some reports claim moving hips are present in abundance at her groove laboratory, it’sthe irresistible urge to shuck off your clothes and dance around freely that embody Paboona’smusic most.Many unknown combinations of travelled worlds shine through in her mixture of exhilaratingdj-sets. As taught by the University of Colors and Curls, she is equipped with the expertise ofchirpy movement, smile creation and compelling composition.When professor Glitz Glitter emerged, the need for peripheral matters around music becameclear and yet still somehow redundant. With the professor fired simply because he would notlisten or dance, we are once more drifting from one distracting story to another. But this is notabout the professor or Paboona, this is about you and our dance: let’s open the eyes and putthe music on, mbuki mvuki.

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