Oz Romita (NL)

Oz Romita's productions have been picked up by elite imprints like; Monique Musique, Monique Speciale, Bonzai Music, Great Stuff Recordings, Yellowyax Recordings, Movement Recordings, SK Supreme, Ninefont Music, Erase Records, Bamboo Music and Repressure Recordings. In the year 2012 Oz joined forces with Bonzai Music and started a brand new label, Sounds R Us Recordings. The label holds very talented producers: Oliver Moldan, R.O.N.N (Ron Carroll), Anil Chawla, Tom Hades, Steve Mulder, D- Formation, Drumcomplex & Roel Salemink, Gabriel Ben, Dany Cohiba,Victor Vera and Del Horno are some of the names that represent the sound of Sounds R Us Recordings. For bookings & info: [email protected] Submit your promo to: [email protected] Submit your remix & production request to: [email protected] Submit your demos to: [email protected]
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    2014, 2013 & 2012

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