Oscar Elizeche Landó (PY)

Lawyer, Notary Public and Businessman related to the world of entertainment. He is one of the directors of PLUR S.A (or PLR ENTERTAIMENT GROUP), company that was born at the end of 2013 on the initiative of 5 Friends who love electronic music and who decided to experiment and exploit a market that until then was practically unknown in Paraguay. It was so they created the Dreamcatcher's Fest brand, Paraguay's first electronic music thematic festival, which attracts thousands of fans and great world top DJs from both commercial and alternative music genres electronics. After the rise of electronic music at the beginning of 2014 in Paraguay, and especially sounds like techno and tech-house, from the hand of PLUR Entertaiment Group, OLOGRAM was born, the first underground music event exclusively, done every 3 months and that throughout Over the years he gained great renown and many followers not only within Paraguay but also from the region (Argentina, Brazil, etc), even making OLOGRAM editions in territories of Brazil (Cascavel, Florianopolis) and soon Argentina and Colombia. PLUR Entertaiment Group was also responsible collaborating with G5pro for the completion of Road To Ultra Paraguay and the latest edition of Resistance-Asunción. On the other hand, PLUR was also responsible recently to do international franchises, recognized at the South American level as, WARUNG TOUR ASUNCION with great success, acceptance and presence of Brazilian public resident in Paraguay; and also P12 Tour Asunción, after a recent commercial alliance. Oscar recently in this May, participated in conferences such as the Brazil Music Conference BRMC10 (Sao Paulo - Br), with one of the most debated panels in the event: "Latin America needs Europe and the US?"; as well in the second edition of the conference "Frequencies" held in Santiago de Chile, last September.
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