One+1 (ES)


One+1 is a duo based between Ibiza and Valencia.
The life of these 2 dj's has been tangled with the electronic music
scene ever since 2000'. They are 2 producer connoisseur who can
use the slick elements of techno, Minimal , House etc and create a
pitch-perfect place of mellow and frisky sounds that blend in
seamlessly to try take the listener where he needs arrive to enjoy.
They try to provide the music scene with specials and mind-bending
sounds, feeling and groove that will always leave the listener wanting
more but always from the underground prespective.
His hard work, experience, and love for the music having made, step
by step [Øne+1] more strong in the underground scene, with his
tracks on vinyls released at labels such as, Adult Only, Keepitgoin(his
booking agency), D-Records, Rawbeats, Mutetown,Trax
Reseach,Unlock, Andes, Clandestinne, Recycle, WorkinProgres,
Hermine, Mate y su propio sello W3ird LTD. And
digital release at important labels of house like Trax Records Chicago
and Nite Groove and at minimal labels Alma ,Bla Bla, Tip Tap, CMYK
They was playing in a lot of countries like France, Italy, Germany,
Austria, Chile, Perú, Colombia, Mexico, Ecuador, Bolivia, Argentina
You can find they on Thursday and Friday in two weekly radioshows
at Balearica radio from Ibiza.

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