Olof Dreijer (SE)

Artist & Speaker
Olof Dreijer is a music producer, DJ and musician and a member of the Swedish electronic pop group, The Knife. Olof has been involved in different cultural projects where music plays a central role in communicating political beliefs. His solo project, Oni Ayhun, plays with stereotypical ideas and norms about gender in dance and experimental music. Starting djing around 98' at local school parties, he ran his first club in high school and has been djing since. He started out playing Disco, House, Garage, and Drum n' bass playing more Hip Hop and R&B in the early 2000's. Following this was a long period of playing harder Techno and House, including EBM and Shranz. The last decade has seen him playing mostly throughout Europe when he's not too busy producing music in his Berlin studio. Currently, as a DJ, Olof plays a mix of West African pop music, Kuduro, Acid, Hip Hop, R&B, and melodic Techno and House. He enjoys making fun edits and remixes to play in his sets. He recently remixed the Swedish Batucada group, Yacombe. You can hear it in the opening of his Rinse FM mix. He’s currently producing music for friends like Planningtorock, Zhala, and Houwaida Hedfi aka Hiya wal Âalam- a band in which he also plays the flute & percussion.
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