Olivia Jones (PE)


Musically passionate since a young age, and born into a family of performing artists & musicians, Olivia Jones fell in love with electronic music in the summer of 2009 but in 2013 she stepped into the DJ booth and her life changed forever. Mixing the most avant-garde and electronic sounds, she set herself free creatively releasing a unique mix of sounds that pulsate provocative new ideas and represent the rich cultures she has experienced ranging from the most conventional deep grooves to the most elite techno.

Cultural fusion inspires her, resulting in a dance floor packed with wild souls yearning from within for her beloved sounds of pounding electronic, exotic percussion and hypnotic vocals all deriving from Olivia’s authentic & diverse cultural influences.

She has collaborated in radio programs at Maxima.FM (Spain) with the Clipper Sounds label’s #Insessions radioshow the first Friday of every month.

Based in Amsterdam she has performed at Panama, Underground, AMW.FM, Ndsm Sessions, the Bassement and many more...

After the first 2 years of the pandemic, 2022 was the first time she saw “light at the end of the tunnel.”

The pandemic times brought the best project she had under her sleeves cooking since 2017 "The Cave Studios", that became ADE venue on 2022 and on.

A place where artist and public will experience a next level of livestream audiovisual session, just like a tv show.

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