Ogris Debris (AT)

Ogris Debris (as described by Frank Dice) What happens if you take two crazy minds, a jazz attitude, a techno soul, a house approach, a hip-hop booty, a rock bottom, a quartet of funky legs & twiddling hands and a crooning voice, shuffle it hard and top it off with a handful of beatboxes and synthesizers ? You get a fine blend that is commonly known as “Ogris Debris”. Whether the duo’s moniker is really the latin name for a rare chameleon species in south-east Asia, or a randomly picked combination of unpronouncable words shall remain a mystery for the time being. Whether their emblem’s loopy willow rackets are really magic wands used by shamans of the “Huahupi” tribe, known for their excessive dancing and drinking rituals, or a Viennese carpet cleaning device from the 19th century will also most likely stay in the dark forever. What is an open secret: Ogris Debris got their live sh*t together and know how to rock a stage. Rough and smooth at the same time, a tasty single malt, no ice. Their lively presence is paired with an outspoken affinity to practical jokes (early live sets included a fake computer shutdown evolving into a track) and a deeply felt love for music that takes you places and moves your ass. (Audiences-from-Berlin-to-Tokyo-approved.). Like their chameleon namesake, “the Ohh, the Dee” are a strange animal, changing colour all the time while still managing to blend in with their musical environment. No matter if they are remixing a Joseph Haydn trumpet concerto or writing an onomatopoetic catchy song like the notorious “Miezekatze”, there is always something special in the mix. So once you know their tune, you will easily be able to pick out an Ogris Debris from the mass of uniform cucumbers floating the ocean of music out there. Just be aware, they are hard to pin down, what seems like a cuddly deep house cat can become a roaring techno panther in the next instant. But that’s just what Ogris Debris are: Catchy, weird and funky, with an edge… Like a marriage between a zirconia blade and a pussy willow. Or as french producer Ark once put it: “Like Christmas on acid!” Never to be missed on stage. Live !
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