Oded Polak (NL)


“The bringer of powerful, exciting and deep Techno music with a cheeky smile and naughty charm”

This is how Oded describes the experience he brings with his DJ sets. He is never afraid to start off his sets quite soft and melodic and then take his audience on a journey where he will end his set on a different level to where he started with energetic and strong Techno to keep his listeners wanting more and then in need of an afterparty to dance away the energy he has bestowed upon them.

Having grown as a child listening to his family’s record collection of artists like Queen, Michael Jackson and Boney M he took this influence and started on his musical journey when he was 16. His parents got him a DJ mixer Phonic and he used his mother and father’s old LP’s and mixed these with the music off of his Minidisc player and this was the birth of DJ Oded Polak. Once he started DJ-ing he would to go to numerous clubs around the Netherlands and Israel to hear the music and watch what the DJ’s are doing and through that he taught himself how to DJ. His music style at those years was progressive trance which then went onto House and then to Techno with which he has stayed with right up to today. At his 21st Birthday he was having a DJ booking agency promoting less known (at that time….) as Juan Sanchez and Mason

A very active member of his local community through his role as the owner of Thai From Sky in Amstelveen , he has recently started a new initiative called Techno Und Thai and this has helped fuse the two loves in his life, Good Music and Tasty Food.

“I want to bring to the world my vision of the perfect experience for a night out…Great food, immersive music, freaky & fun friends and the creation of memories that you will want to tell your grandkids about (But with certain details left out until they hit 18)”

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