Oded Nir (NL)


Blending beautiful beats with live music

Good food. Good company. Soulful Grooves. Funky Vibes. Oded Nir. Some things don’t need much of an explanation. This is the case with the Amsterdam-based bass player, producer and electronic live artist Oded Nir. A producer/remixer with a driving beat and the main man behind Suntree Records. This all-around musician creates original sounds and blends them together with vocals & live instruments into a signature sensual sound.

It's been 12 years since Oded Nir's acclaimed debut LP 'Midnight Snacker' was released on Suntree Records and 3 years since his 2nd album Rooftop Conversations was released and now the much-loved bassist, music producer and multi-instrumentalist will unleash his stellar new and 3rd solo album, 'Indoor Life’'.

Offering a stunning soundtrack that cross-pollinates all the musical styles Oded loves, 'Indoor Life' is a story made up of opulent Funk, soul, world music grooves, classy Jazz, disco, and dreamy downtempo gems.

Alongside collaborations on his current singles 'Hot Mess' featuring the legendry Jamiroquai members Derrick McKenzie on drums & Matt Johnson on keys.

Indoor life presents a wide range of guest and musical diversities 'Indoor life’' is a testament to the talent of this gifted and versatile producer.

This also makes him a very popular performing artist and from the Cannes Midem Festival to the Ibiza Club in China, Oded is a well-known personality in the international music scene. He has residencies in the top clubs and A-list hotels in Amsterdam. But Oded is never shy of globetrotting and he deeply enjoys performing throughout Europe, which is what he does on a regular basis.

“I want people to have a good time, to dance when i play. I play for the fun of all, including mine,” says Oded Nir. And this also pretty much sums up his own attitude toward performing as well.

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