Novo Line (US)


Novo Line dives into the esoteric and visceral via a living MIDI network, utilizing obsolete gear’s propensity for overloads, errors, and asynchrony to create grooves and harmonies that follow a tesseract rather than a straight line. Non deterministic and deterministic meet in an intuitive living present of tone and rhythm.

With a unique approach to using and abusing the first generation of digital production tools, a physical and musical whole is created through intuition, active mindful listening, and ideas born from the study of old user manuals, holistic (anti)somatic sects, and modern music concepts such as indeterminacy, minimal, and automatic.

The artist behind Novo Line, Nat Fowler, was born in Shiraz, Iran and called Baltimore home where he contributed to the DIY scene of the 1990s and 2000s via bands and performance, a video collective, and the situationist Baltimore Rowdy Crew and his band Oxes (1998-2011)
Novo Line is the host of the radio show Auto-Accompaniment on Keithfem, wherein automation and accompaniment in music production is explored; the *ethical boundary pushing* “Best of Intergalactic FM,” and 45@33 veteran of drawn out keta/syrup dj sets at whiskey bars and after parties.

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