North Echo (BE)


Passionate about electronic music, Gilles and Arnaud are from Liège. They spend most of their free time creating together in the studio. Their duo have accumulated more than 10 years of musical creation experience and both of them have each benefited from an education strongly influenced by music.

Arnaud is no stranger to the music scene in his small town. Being a very active member of the local community, he has spent many years performing in big nightclubs and parties (alongside local and international artists). He has organized several events which he promotes by himself. Arnaud has developed his skills by immersing, body and soul, in the various tools of computer- assisted music.

For his part, Gilles has already been producing his own music for a long time, experimenting every corner of his influences. Guided by his love for music, he has imbibed a wide range of musical styles which he uses in his compositions. Active for many years, he creates in the shadows for a large number of labels. As a producer and pianist, he has found various ways to express himself musically by sorting out and assembling the best of all facets of his personality.

Combining the strengths of both worlds - producer and dj - Gilles and Arnaud bring together their experiences and emotions to bring out the best of electronic music in their own way. It’s all about the mood with them, offering a groovy and hypnotic sound.

North Echo is a musical journey with exquisite work on synths, voluminous leads and strong bass lines sprinkled with occasional touches of vocals.

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