Noaria (FR)

Since 2008 he's releasing for some of the Greatest techno labels with some great collabs and Remix: Sam Paganini, Drunken Kong, Fractious, Lewis Delay, Asio, Lenny Dee, Ortin Cam, Fractious, M.Fukuda, Lewis Delay, Owen Sands, Dj Hi-Shock, Callum Plant, Mono.xID, Andres Gil, Justin Kase & many More. His Music has been played, Charted & Supported by: Cari Lekebusch, Sam Paganini, Vinicius Honorio, The Advent, Sasha Carassi, Spartaque, Cristian Varela, Schubert, Cititzen Kain, Miro Pajic, Cristian Varela, Asio (aka R-play), Steve Parker, Johnny Kaos, Callum Plant, Advanced Human, Spiraltone, Spark Taberner, Damon Wild, Abi Bah, Spartaque, Drunken Kong, Ds & Cs, Andres Gil, & More... His mad mixing style with scratches and SFX is always ripping apart the dance floor and leaving his fellow DJs amazed, He's playing a Dance-Floor and Rave Techno style with gigs all over France (Astropolis Festival, Nouveau Casino, Le 4sans, La Scene..) , Germany (Frankfurt/ Tanzhaus West), India (Mumbay, Goa) and Japan ( Womb & Ageha in Tokyo , Club Citta in Kawasaki) & Argentina (La Pyramid, Buenos Aires)
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