Noadja (NL)

Noadja (Matthijs Duijm, 1988): Started with two turntables, playing with vinyl, nowadays a DJ/Producer that runs his own label “Above All Records”. Winning a DJ contest on his highschool gave his career a kickstart and playing at several schoolparty`s in front of hundreds of people made he had to develop fast as a DJ. Playing music wasn`t the main reason he was interested in EDM though.. The love for (Trance) music and composing it resulted in his release with Hadassah: Noadja ft Hadassah – Above All. His release and remixes for Fuzion Four Records (USA) received support from international DJ`s like Pedro del Mar. Besides a love for music, Noadja is also interested in the management and marketing side of the music business, which resulted in Above All Records. Started from scratch in January 2011 a year later they have support from DJ`s like Pedro del Mar, Tempo Giusto, Rank 1 and Tydi. Noadja: “I love the multitasking and I hope I can continue with releasing quality music, as producer and as label.” Quality music is what you can expect in his sets. A unique blend of Progressive House and Trance with one goal: Having a “Noadja” (meeting with God).
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