No Class (NO)

Two brothers who are bound in blood have a bond that is instantly in sync. This is exactly the case with the two Norwegian brothers Magnus and Kris who have battled the long and harsh winters in Norway by making music that resonates their power and will to create eccentric and genuine music. As Magnus and Kris are no strangers to a party atmosphere they have gotten their performing name in a hilariously peculiar situation, however this is something for you to ask them yourself, if of course they will ever answer... Musicality is what drives both brothers, as music is to evoke emotion, in any way shape or form. Being able to relate to a lyric and remembering these moments when you do, this is the pinnacle moment for any artist, as the record no longer is just a song. It has become a timeframe in the mind of the listening audience, that will envision this memory for the rest of his life. No Class strives with any show to be the act on stage linking that one favourite moment in the head of the festival goer. This is exactly why all shows performed by No Class have sheer power, drive and 150% commitment from both Kris and Magnus, with each their own role on stage, while working in synergy to hype up the crowd. Last year was a moment in time that defined both brothers as their club residencies in Manila were kicking off, and their stage present increased by the week, causing both brothers to hone their skills working their way up from a 200 head crowd to 20k during the summer. With several top notch releases under their belt No Class is currently gearing up for a jam packed upcoming year filled with records featuring some of the most in demand vocalists to entice the festival goers to dance to a different beat. A Norwegian production that will blow your socks off!
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