Nismo (NL)


He was born and raised in Germany and his artist name refers to his disability to see colors, because N!SMO has an red and green color blindness.

His first contact with Electronic music was when he heard the song “Insomnia” by Faithless and he was just mesmerized. He was astounded by the amount of creativity that could be put into making electronic music. Time and time again, N!SMO listened to this song and tried to recreate it with the DAW FL Studio and also studied how other artitsts made their songs. Since then, N!SMO’s heart belonged to electronic music and it still does today.

After N!SMO finished school he completely focused on making music and evolve his own style and sound. At first, he made mostly Big Room songs, but he just felt that this wasn’t going anywhere. So, he decided to completely reinvent his self and go back to the music he first started to produce.

N!SMO has created his own inimitable sound and style. He is a producer at heart, and started DJing to create exposure for his productions. Basically it´s impossible to appoint one specific genre to him, because N!SMO connects many elements of different genres in one track without loosing focus or confuse the listener. He continues to be an immensely prolific and diverse producer with his own musical outout and the music he also produced for other people. In total his music as an independent artist got streamed over 4 million times on all platforms.

Till now his biggest track is ”Never Stop the Rave”, which he released in June 2019. t got played in many German and Dutch clubs and got a lot support of local DJ´s and producers.

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