Niconé & Sascha Braemer (DE)

Sascha Braemer, a.k.a. “Hirtenfellner“ is a man who can ́t be ignored in the current electronic and club music scene. It seems that his releases have a powerful urge to climb to the top of the charts! As a producer Mr. Braemer understands how to feel the pulse of his listeners. His first solo single “India Flowers“ (on the Dekadent label) went straight to the top and E.P. ́s like “Ghost Hand“, “GoLoco“ and “Dirty Talk“ have gained worldwide recognition. The breakthrough came for Sascha with Dirtybird, the label of Claude von Stroke. With “Go Loco“ and “Some Sweat“, he not only convinced his fans in Europe but also gained new followers in the U.S. and Canada. When asked for the secret of his success, Sascha answers: “Well, I like to make music I can relate to. There are no rules I care about and I don ́t like to conform myself to any one style. If everybody is going in one direction because it’s trendy, I feel even more strongly to express myself differently through my music.“ With the Berlin project “Niconé & Sascha Braemer“, two ingenious spirits have come together. With the song “Nur Mal Kurz“ on the Bar 25 label they created a hit that was also massively played on radio, and the follow-up “Thank You“ doesn’t leave any questions unanswered! As a DJ, Sascha transforms from being a modest producer into an extravagant show act, loaded with emotions and energy. He loves to give his fans and listeners something in return and his sets twist the club audience into a mass of wild party people. Doing what he ́s does best, Mr. Braemer uses a mix of vinyl and CD ́s while working his sets. Something that is not often seen anymore. His own vinyl label “Supdub“ is continuing it’s success story and is another reason for him not to go completely digital. New productions and a “Niconé & Braemer“ album are in the pipeline to keep the party rocking. Niconé was founded by Helena Kapidzic and Alexander Gerlach in October 2007. They are both lost in fashion and music. Helena used to work as a stylist and make-up artist in Munich, and Alexander is a musician and studied graphic design in Berlin. Now they work and live together in Berlin.
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