Nico (BE)


Nico is a Belgian electronic music DJ, known for mixing up a wide variety of minimal techno genres. Nico is born in Brussels, where he still resides today. Since young age he has always been passionate about music, but he didn't see himself as a potential musician. As a big fan of percussions and disco music, he eventually picked up old records and started mixing them. Nico has always been active in the nightlife scene and got inspired by the world of underground electronic music. The charming atmosphere around minimal techno, with its mind-altering melodies have been a game changer. His attraction to shamanic rhythms, melodic beats and playful basslines made him start DJ-ing and organising parties for like-minded people. Nico's sets are inspired by Romanian producers such as Rhadoo or Piticu, as well the father of minimal, Riccardo Villalobos. With his numerous inspirations, he always offers a balance between mysticism and playfulness.

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