Nico Cabeza (IT)

Born in 1986 near Padua, binds to the music scene at age 14 when he decided to buy the first mixer. At that time begins to explore what is the concept of DJing, an art which at the time was still tied to the underground scene. Slowly begin to master vinyl and CDs, and for many years as a DJ in the various events of his city. The real turning point came when he began the journey that will take him to the maturity of the present day: productions. His head is influenced by a number of groups that had marked his life, mainly from Depeche Mode to all the music that had marked the 80s, but he did not know what would have given him more thrust would be the hip hop of the late 80 a large part of the 90s. After years of great inspiration to Deep Dish, John Digweed, Sasha, Danny Tenaglia then try the first steps with productions on labels such as Materialism, Intacto, Remote area and others, getting great results and a great reputation in the industry. He reached point of the touches when his bootleg "1986" does appear in playlist Luciano,Villalobos, Squillace, Verman Cox and many others. At the same time he began his collaboration with Snatch and Riva Starr. For a long period his trax "Let the Rhythm" produced together with Deepsharkez achieved important results in chart and remains throughout the summer of 2013. At the same time at the end of that year Chube.Ka decided to retire for a period , but by March 2014 reappears regenerated with upcoming releases on Witty Tunes and Eat and Beat.The sound almost completely renewed pushes him to new horizons, now the hip hop of the time between 80 and 90 fused to the synth that you hear often recover those Depeche Mode or Kraftwerk that as a child he had been so impressed. Here is to you in the middle of a river of ideas: Nico Cabeza aka Chube.Ka.
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