Since 2005, the two friends Robert van de Laarschot (24) and David Stockx (25) found each other by sharing their passion for Chicago house music. Both began as solo artists under the name of Bockieman and Missinglinx but when teaming up, they called themselves NERD, an abbreviation from their own party concept ‘Nu Een Rondje Deep House’, which is literally translated into English as: Now it’s time for a round of Deep House. On music level they complement Deep House with multiple types of music, such as the characteristic sounds from Detroit and Chicago of the 70s, which hugely have inspired them both. The two DJ’s don’t spin mainstream sets but always keep on innovating in funky jazz and soul, combined with honest and raw tech house. Also both DJ’s share a great passion to spin from Vinyl as they have assembled an impressive collection of vinyl from the moment these guys got hooked by the virus of true house music. What NERD makes that extra special is that every DJ set is a unique experience of energy of which they call it: The NERD Sensation. An experience that you just need to feel when you are in front of the DJ-Booth. Expect a lot from this DJ-duo in the coming years as they are about to drop-off a few bomb releases in very near future. Also you will see them hosting numerous club and festival stages with their own party label. Have a good one, cheers!
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