Neo (NL)


Neo Festen is a 20-year-old sonic journeyer from Amsterdam, who finds inspiration in the dusty gems of his father's 90s vinyl collection. Raised on the nostalgic beats of that era, Neo now ventures into the realms of progressive, acid, trance and techno merging it with modern sounds. His journey is a humble homage to the pureness of the past and an exploration of the future.

Neo's tracks and sets, invite you to embark on your own personal odyssey, a medium to get into a different headspace. Because the true power of music lies in self-discovery.

Currently, Neo is also a dedicated student in the electronic music program at the prestigious Conservatorium of Amsterdam, where he refines his craft and absorbs new knowledge to elevate his sonic storytelling.

In a world where trends come and go, Neo's beats are a timeless reminder of music's capacity to touch the soul. Alongside his studies and musical pursuits, Neo has also established the record label "Express 2 Progress," a platform dedicated to nurturing emerging talents who share his passion for underground experimenting sounds.

Neo's journey is a continual work in progress, a testament to the enduring allure of music. Join him on this humble expedition as he delves deeper into his creative well, staying true to the heart of the underground.

Website: https://n30art.com/neo/
Bandcamp: https://n30neo.bandcamp.com/al...
Resident Advisor: https://ra.co/dj/neo-nl

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