Nelson Dior

Nelson Dior (NL)

Artist - 2019
DJ from Amsterdam, born and raised in the Netherlands with roots in Hong Kong who started in the music industry as a professional breakdancer. After 8 years of dancing he quit as a dancer and decided to do something else what he always wanted to do and that is try and learn to DJ and mix. And as Colin Tewksbury from once said: "The Bloody Beetroots single-handedly led my leap into the world of gritty, hard electro house music." Inspired by DJ's and producers like The Bloody Beetroots, Justice, Alvin Risk and the Designer Drugs, Nelson Dior started playing mainly hard electro house music. And very quickly he got booked and invited to several big clubs and local bars in Amsterdam, racking up a lot of experience. This also let to getting him inspired by new genres and by being open to these new genres Nelson Dior started to incorporate different genres that fitted his style and taste in his mashups and DJ sets. In a short time span of 5 years Nelson Dior has established himself in various infamous bars in Chinatown and the Redlight District and started to expand his international pressence overseas from the UK to South East Asia and China.
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