Nakadia (TH)

Artist & Speaker
Born in poverty and growing up working for years at local factories, it was her first visit to Europe in 2002 that made Nakadia realise that she was born to be a DJ. Without and outside influence or guidance she discovered electronic music step by step, ultimately finding her love for groovy and melodic techno. Nakadias first performances on theThai island of Koh Samui got her international bookings from the first days of her career. Already back then those who saw her where impressed. Now - 15 years later - Nakadia is part of the Cocoon Family, living in Berlin and nonstop touring the world, growing her fanbase and gaining respect every weekend. The busy tour schedule doesn’t leave much time for studio work. Although she had a few massive releases the past years, she is a stage person, and it’s her performances that stand for her success.
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