Nachtbraker (NL)


Nachtbraker (Aus Music, Quartet Series), keeping you comfortably awake. Based in Amsterdam, running Quartet Series and Nachtbraker labels. Residency at Doka Amsterdam.

After receiving widespread recognition for books like “How Does He Do It?” and “Glorious Misunderstandings”, Maurits Verwoerd decided to start a career as a music producer. Though few doubted his skills as an artist, most of Maurits’ neighbours thought differently about his compositions, forcing him to start producing music in the underground dungeons of Amsterdam.

Coming out occasionally, but only at night, slowly made him well known among friends and enemies as Nachtbraker (Dutch for night hawk).

Nachtbraker’s exposure to a wide range of genres are clearly audible in his music, ranging from ecstatic slow grooves and unconventional dub tracks to straight-up 4/4 house.

Having previously released multiple EP's on Heist Recordings, Dirt Crew and Hudd Traxx, Nachtbraker's sound morphed into new directions with recent releases on his newly found Nachtbraker imprint and the legendary Aus Music.

His music has pricked up many ears and finds itself regularly into the editors hands of respected outlets like Resident Advisor, Mixmag, Dj Mag, Groove Mag, Attack Magazine, Fazemag. Artist like Axel Boman, Shanti Celeste, Moxie, Detroit Swindle, DJ Seinfeld, Akufen and many others have given his music a spin.

Having held a residency at the legendary Red Light Radio whilst also delivering podcasts for Feel My Bicep, Melbourne Deepcast and DGTL, the Quartet Series label boss continues to receive widespread recognition.

Building up his career and profile carefully in the past few years we see Nachtbraker mature into a multifaceted and intriguing character in the world of music. It’s unquestionable that Nachtbraker will keep a lot of people comfortably awake for the coming years…

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