Mowgli (NL)


Deep in the heart of Rotterdam’s concrete jungle you’ll catch Mowgli swinging through a crate of minimal wave, proto EBM, unknown boogie and the noisier edges of Chicago house and early techno.

With a persistent lean towards the darker and the grittier, Mowgli’s known for his leftfield selections that are stripped right back to the bare necessities. Heavy duty drum machine workouts and raw analogue synths are always on the menu, and this head chef is cooking up a storm whenever he steps behind the deck.

With an early fascination for bands like Parliament Funkadelic, Kleeer and Midnight Star, he’s always had a feel for the grooves that make you move. Formative experiences in Rotterdam’s underground club scene led the funk and soul boy down a path towards distorted electronix, and from those smoke-filled basements he’s never looked back.

Finding his feet among the freaks at early morning dances, his electronic education was synthesiserdriven from the very beginning. High NRG, Italo Disco and the Dutch West Coast Sound were all early influences, and every weekend he’d seek out the sounds at notable venues Bar, Hoboken & Perron.

With a growing flame for digging and DJing he was quickly recruited as a store trooper to work the counter at Pinkman. Here he submerged himself in the strange shades of electronic music’s deeper corners, stocking the aisles with labels like L.I.E.S, Bunker, L.A Club Resource, Stroom, South of North, plus Pinkman, CHARLOIS and Mindri.

Quickly developing a taste for the rougher edges of DIY dance music, he began his long running Operator residency as a platform for all his favourite finds. A regular show diving to the depths of his sound, it’s a must for all those with a soft spot for overdriven distortion and moody melancholia. Keeping up regular appearances at spots all over the Netherlands, including PIP, Blijdorp Festival, Poing, BIT, RadioRadio, Skatecafe & Weelde, Mowgli’s sound is taking him further afield with invitations from all four corners of the Netherlands and beyond.

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