Moomin (DE)

In his own words, Moomin is simply a music-lover. In the wake of his breakout debut album, The Story About You, and in the words of others, Moomin is unique for his “resplendent naturalism” and his “beautiful, introspective take on house music”; he has cast “modern house music magic”, been raised to the ranks of “house music's finest new artists,” and become an artist that “you can listen to anytime, anywhere.” Although the moniker only appeared in 2010, Moomin is no newcomer. A deep appreciation for music surfaced early at an early age, as he diligently assembled volumes of tapes of tracks he recorded from the radio as a small child. In the early 1990s, with his interests circling around hip hop, funk and jazz, he began creating his own mixes using an old school tape deck, and he was soon delivered to the world of vinyl DJing, with his first productions emerging before the turn of the century. Moomin has refined his studio signature in recent years, applying a subtle and hypnotic approach to music that is deeply rooted in soul and groove. Moomin’s sleeper album, The Story About You, debuted on Smallville Records in November 2011. As the organic groundswell of support for the record grew in size and scale, The Story About You became the year’s definitive underground album, with glowing reviews and a noticeable presence on manytastemaker end-of-year lists. Since he arrived in Berlin in 2007, Moomin has made an indelible mark on the capital’s sprawling club scene, with sets at Panorama Bar, Robert Johnson, Watergate, Club der Visionäre, Arma 17, Rex Club , and Warehouse 72 to name just a few. The last year alone has seen his influence go further afield, as he has debuted DJ and live sets in London, Chicago, New York and Tokyo.
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