MoombahBaas (NL)

With the very successful bootleg hit ‘Swalla’, in Tilburg (The Netherlands) born 'MoombahBaas',placed his name in 2017 as remixer and DJ in the dutch club and festival scene. His bootlegs were instantly played by big names such as Major Lazor, Hardwell, The Chainsmokers and Salvatore Ganacci. Due to this success he had the opportunity to make official remixes, what soon resulted in releases on the Amsterdam based music label 'Cloud 9'. In the meantime hemreleased about 70 bootlegs and remixes, both classics and current chart breakers. MoombahBaas his music career started at a very young age, in his family it was common to play an instrument, so he started to play the trumpet. After a few years, he discovered he was more into electronic music, and started as an allround DJ on different occasions. Known as someone who always wants to make the next move, he started producing edits and bootlegs,which soon were very well supported worldwide. Due to this worldwide recognized and respected style, he recently had the opportunity to play at clubs, festivals and other big outdoor events in the Netherlands and the rest of the world. In the last two years he has had gigs in for example France, Austria, Curacao, Spain & Vietnam. Many other countries are currently interested to invite him. His sets are recognizable and include all danceable genres from 90 to 140 BPB, dependent on the venue. Nowadays MoombahBaas is working very hard to conquer the rest of the world, the best is yet to come…!
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