Mohamed Fouradi (NL)

Speaker (Head of A&R, Top Notch, Noah's Ark & La Foux)

Mohamed Fouradi is currently Head of A&R at one of the most established record labels in the Dutch music industry, Top Notch/Noah’s Ark. Here he’s the leading force behind the A&R team where him and his co-workers are responsible for scouting new talent, deal negotiations and professional guidance of artists their musical careers, amongst multiple other facets. From 2005 until 2012 Mohamed was an artist himself. Together with his younger brother, Brahim Fouradi, they formed the duo Fouradi. Back in those days, Fouradi were the pioneers of the Dutch urban music as we know it today. By being an artist, Mo has learned a lot very early on due to his personal experiences which he would later utilize to advice other artists. After being an Economics teacher for a couple of years, Mohamed took the opportunity in 2015 to work at one of the Netherlands’ biggest music publishers, Cloud 9. The Dutch hip hop scene was expanding like never before. Many artists started to blow up and had little to no knowledge about the business side of things, such as publishing. Mo has played an extremely vital role in guiding these artists by sharing his expertise. That same period, Mo also got acquainted with later to-be top players in the Dutch hip hop music, such as Josylvio and Kevin. Not long after in 2017, Mohamed and Brahim founded their own management agency, La Foux, where they continued to counsel artists and producers. The artists as described above, almost immediately took part of the La Foux-family, along with other great names like Bilal Wahib, Frenna, Lijpe, Zoë Tauran and hit producer and songwriter Project Money (Carlos Vrolijk). There is absolutely no doubt that Mohamed has an enormous passion for music that keeps on thriving. He an extremely ambitious and well-respected entrepreneur – from being an artist to guiding them, running an entire A&R team and one of the most successful Dutch management agencies – Mo Fouradi works with passion and exceeds in everything he does.

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